Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of 5 Things

So this entry will probably be in three parts. Maybe more. Maybe less. It just shows how organized I am. First, since I started posting with the pictures, the few of you that read might have noticed the significant slow-down that has occurred. I want my blog to be fast but the amount of content it has to load now makes it go slower. So, the bottom line is that to make this interesting you are going to have to deal with slower load times.

Second, because I think this is the second bit, Ciera hurt her back. Don't know how but she is walking around like a gimp. She injured it right when we got to the beach and she has been putting heat and all sorts of painkillers on it to keep it ok. We were hanging on the beach and Tom Mitchell came up and said hi. He hung around and filled me in on his life a little. We somehow got on the topic of Ciera's back and he volunteered to call in a prescription for some muscle relaxants. He did so. In a span of fifteen minutes Ciera was given the ok to consume diazepam (Valium). It's a potent muscle relaxant as well as anti-psychotic. She says it helps her a lot—with the back pain, not the psychosis—and she insists that she is getting better—which I believe—but she keeps starting an activity and quitting because it hurts. It's hard to get rest when there is so much she feels she should be doing. Threatening a crippling condition for the rest of her life if she doesn't just sit down doesn't seem to be helping. I'm really worried because her symptoms mirror my back injury in some ways and in others they seem much closer to a herniated disk—which is worse. Tomorrow she is going to see a chiropractor. I don't really trust chiropractors (call it the product of two doctor grandfathers) but he will at least get some x-rays and hopefully we can know what is going on. I hope she'll be fine.

Third, we lost Jackie. My uncle's Chinese wife's son wandered out into a kayak and disappeared for three hours. While we were wringing our hands Jackie had found a nice family that fed him. We called the coast guard. Just as the coast guard called to say they were going to send out a helicopter he pulls up with a full plate of salmon and corn and says that he had pie and a nice evening. Pie! I think I'm going to get lost in the Puget Sound. It seems to pay off.

Fourth, the fourth. The Puget Sound is perfect for fireworks because the entire bay lights up with big displays on all the beaches. In the state of Washington it is legal to purchase mortars (artillery shells, the big ones that shoot into the sky and burst) and other projectiles with reports. On the Indian reservations they also sell bottle rockets and firecrackers and other highly dangerous and fun things. From our view on the water, every coastline bursts into color. From the second the sun starts to set until one or two in the morning, brilliant lights illuminate the entire sound while the sounds of explosions echo back and forth in a brilliant cacophony. In true American fashion we celebrate our independence by purchasing hundreds of things made in China and then using them to pollute our air and water. The high tide on the fifth is the worst environmental hangover for the sound. Hundreds of discarded and exploded bits of colorful fireworks wash to shore. They fire into the night, but they do not disappear. Nevertheless, I must insist on continuing the practice of literally sending our money up in flames just for the beauty of the night of the fourth.

Fifth, I don't like how random the photos have been in relation to the topics, I will strive to give the photos now some form of meaning and correlation.