Sunday, June 19, 2011

Word Puke

It is father's day. None of my 8 illegitimate children even called to say hi. That's ok, I don't pay child support, they don't call—I get it.

I ate a ton of food today. Family does that. We talked about graduating and getting in shape, about having all this free time to just work out. Yeah, that happened.

I went to the Rose Garden in Washington Park. There was a wedding. It was in a cordoned off section of the park. A June wedding. Perfect day (except for the whole busy Father's Day bit). My grandfather just wandered into the wedding. Everyone else could see what it was—a wedding. He just walked in and walked around. And he can't hear, so no one could really call him back without disrupting it further.

I take a lot of pictures.

There was a gay pride parade downtown today. They caused a lot of traffic to build-up. My great aunt Marian got stuck in the traffic. She later said it was my gay uncles' faults. Even though they were at the house chilling.

I saw Super 8. It's like ET if the alien were three stories tall and ate people. Go for the child actors. They do a phenomenal job. Absolutely wonderful acting. I can't wait to hear what awesome drug addictions they get as they grow up.

I really want to see Midnight in Paris. It seems like a great movie where Owen Wilson does his goofy good-looking guy thing. Y'know, his chilled laid back, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with my hair look. And Rachel McAdams gets to pretend she's not mainstream even though she totally is.

Bad looking movie: Rise of Planet of the Apes. The first and biggest question I have as the trailer goes on is where the hell did all these chimps come from. New York does not have a bunch just hanging around. And let's be honest, this is a cult classic that is getting tossed in the Hollywood washer. What's the Hollywood washer? It's a washer filled with shit. You throw your childhood whites in there and they come out covered in CGI brown stains and sold as an improvement. You have to pay a lot to get your whites ruined that way.

Flies don't hurt anyone, but they bug me. I shall hurt as few living things as possible and there isn't a strict moral reason to justify killing a fly. But I just want to so badly. Is that wrong?