Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tone and Voice (2x)


The sea lion is a playful creature. It is often seen basking in the warm rays on a floating dock or swimming near rowers or kayakers. The sea lion lives in an environment rich in nutrients. To catch its prey, the cunning sea lion can swim at upwards of twenty miles per hour. Once it has targeted a fish it will chase it in ways that can at times seem playful: jumping out of the water, tossing the fish, and doing a series of underwater acrobatics just to eat.

Tragedy today as the underwater menace strikes again. Averaging 10 locals a day, the serial killer has been steadily making its way through an astounding number of victims. The killer is merciless and is not known to kill along any known divisions; none are safe, a salmon is the same as a rock fish is the same as a trout. There are no age factors either, small to large, this carnivorous beast has killed and consumed thousands this year. This once peaceful community has now been shattered by the angry exploits of the Sea Lion.

The beach house is one of the utmost forms of peace and relaxation. The sea lion is part of the peace that we find at the beach house. Its dog-like head appears occasionally in the waters in front of our house and has been known to swim with the kayak. The sea lion is yet another reason to come here.


I've decided a few things. The first thing is that the children grew up one day—they became adults, sort of. And these adult children built cities and governments and institutions and laws. And this construction was like a Lego civilization. It was easily destroyed. So the children created traditions and stories, myths and religions to glue the pieces together. Some of this glue held together quite well; some did not. The glue, mind you, was evaluated on its effectiveness not on any logical reality. Every now and then the Lego tower starts to crumble, it gets a renovation, or new bits are added. Yet it is still made of Legos. One of these days we are going to graduate to brick and mortar and we'll build some strong foundations. We don't need to use the precedent set by the children that built this world to create our own. We can look at it all as if from an alien perspective, and try to build it back our way, without ego or ignorance. Call it spring cleaning.

When I grow up, I want to be me. I want to drop my ego, and get engaged. I want to be Buddha—hopefully for selfless reasons. But who knows; the mind is multi-faceted, where does the true self lie?

I need clarity—frankness. I can't fulfill obligations, help out, or even be out of the way if no one tells me. If people have a problem with me, I need to be approached directly. I can't read subtext as well as I thought.

I've decided that 365 words a day is sometimes difficult, and sometimes appallingly simple. The guidelines are important though because it keeps me on track to be wordy like Dickens (he was paid by the word btw).

I've decided I really miss all of my friends at Skidmore. Leaving was hard, and continues to be. I am in mourning whether I want to admit it or not. And sometimes I'm just not on my game because of it. I used to be a stable human being. A half year of changes can really turn that reality into its opposite.

Despite all this I know I'm happy. And I've decided that is important as well. I am happy and I am confident that the future will be cool (if only because in a thousand trillion years there will be almost no heat in the universe) and will almost certainly come (if it has not already passed).

So that's what I have decided. At least for now.