Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seattle Center

Here I am. In Seattle. Right under the famed space needle. This place is so hip. If I were a hipster lesbian I couldn't imagine a cooler place to be. I am not one, and I fail to find many examples of a place I'd put above this one. I see it as proof of good regional planning.

Ciera and I got up this morning, cooked a breakfast, and made our way to Bremerton. An overcast day. There was a very slight chill. No more than a breeze. We toured Bremerton briefly then we got on the ferry and toured the city of Seattle. Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, City Center; it all passed before our eyes. My excitement for the area steadily rose to a fever pitch. We finally parked the car by the Experience Music Project in Seattle Center and walked around the area a bit.

Ciera is currently ushering for a New Works Festival at one of the theaters run by an Emerson Alum. Before we parted ways, we ate at Pagliacci Pizza, a local chain owned by a Skidmore Alum. I ventured my way around the park. The closed Intiman theater, Seattle Rep, the Fountain, the Space Needle. And in the main yard is Festival Sundiata. It is a showcase of African music and arts. It is surprisingly small. I feel I have missed the larger events.

About four, the sun opened up and the day became wonderful. A cooling breeze, the right humidity, and a cast of locals on the perfect scale of interesting. A couple smoked a joint behind me. Young families let their children hula-hoop on the lawn. A large woman with a walker screamed song lyrics at the top of her lungs while listening to headphones. Dread locked white dudes sunbathed.

And so my day has been an acquainting with a place I am unfamiliar with. A miniature culture-shock and a longing for the familiar. That is not to negate the power of the new. Everything I have seen today, especially the new stuff has been absorbed like a sponge and I can't wait to understand my surroundings. I want to live and work here. It seems like a great place to get started.