Friday, June 24, 2011

Past Participle

I'm going to brag for a second. I have an entry for every day of this year so far. 174, 175 after this, entries that give me a timeline of events. It is a history of my life this year. It is of course incomplete, but nothing can truly be complete. But it gives me a snapshot into my life, something so fluid I often forget that things were there in the first place. Capturing the transitory moments that life is made of is of course impossible. But I am getting something from this. And I am so proud of myself in this moment.

And sad. To look on the changes that have occurred in a half-year (granted this year is particularly full of changes) is extremely emotional. I can look at what I have done and proudly say. That was me that day. This entire thing was me that year. And this whole project is me.

I can't express every moment I live, but I have the opportunity to see in words that I am trying to speak to the future. And somehow I am sending something forward. There to be consumed by whoever needs it. I am giving some of myself away. And I am so happy that I can even do it.

I think it is reasonable to take pride in a body of work. I think everyone should take pride in their work and I think that I deserve to be happy for the honest moments that shine through my the emotionless words on the screen.

Ciera has been reading the Harry Potter books from 5 to 7 so she is ready for the big showdown. And this is a recollecting of the past in another way. A remembering of moments shared. Rereading a book is what I do when I look through my past entries. Except the book isn't filled with magic. Just me. And I know that is boring to most people. But I am happy to have something of me.

Others keep trinkets of their childhood. Some take pictures. Some get awards. Still others reminisce with friends. I love it when people comment on my blogs. It is the opportunity to build that moment a little firmer, a little bigger, with a community that cares.

So while I take pride in what I write, I also want peoples perspectives. Their snapshots on the moments I present.

As always, thanks for letting me ramble.