Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oregon Trail 3

It suddenly became overcast. The air was still warm, the hills still green, but the sky was a gentle gray. I didn't think much of it, we were entering the final phase of our journey to Portland, and we would have to pass through the worst part of Oregon first—Salem.

Before the beautiful city of Portland there is the metro area of Salem, Oregon. This area is kind of industrial and agricultural. There are few buildings except granaries, factories, large parking lots, and adult shops. The landscape suddenly becomes flat, an almost eerie lack of texture becomes the motif of this section. Despite all this, it was still beautiful. The pastures that spread before me on both sides of the highway were lush green. We passed a dilapidated barn. The style, a steeply sloped roof and a rectangular base was a common one we had seen all along our journey. Even in its state of disrepair it had a sort of picturesque beauty to it.

A field of yellow flowers appeared before us. I tried to process the dense patches of plants. They were so thick that they looked like a mat of yellow. But I couldn't distinguish individual plants at all, it was just a bright yellow. Then the clouds opened up on the field; yellow light on yellow flowers, it was a visual experience in a land that I otherwise had written off as boring and featureless.

I opened my eyes to the seeming nothingness again. Perhaps I had been missing something. We passed a pasture. It was dotted with hundreds of sheep. They grazed quietly as we made our way north.

We were making good time though. We cruised through Salem and arrived early in Portland. We walked into my Aunt Nan's house and she greeted us heartily. She then proceeded to dote on us over every little detail she could manage to procure in the form of investigative questions. It is nice to be interrogated—now I at least know a few things about my future that I did not before. I can't remember what those details were though...so maybe I don't really know anything new about my future.

She took us to eat Japanese food. It was nice to be with Nan and Paul for a little bit. Catch up with the family, shoot the bull, and happily eat food. I was in Portland. My future was starting.