Monday, June 13, 2011

The Job Hunt

The things I have been doing to find a job. I think just to prove that it's a full-time job and that I should be getting compensated somehow.

Traveling: I have technically traveled from Boston to Albany to Reno to Portland to Seattle and many points in between in my search for a job. Traveling is good for multiple reasons. The first is the illusion of progress. Even though I'm going nowhere, I'm going somewhere. The second is the feel of the place; when I get a feel for where I am or where I have been I really feel much better about the future. The third is getting some fun out of life. Despite my poverty and lack of immediate prospects, traveling has shown me the world in a new light and I am happy to explore. Besides, if I did not travel, I would not have stumbled upon the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation building in Seattle.

Setting up profiles: it is amazing how many places are out there that have you sign-up for services or require that you are 'connected' somehow. The world is wired. Facebook, SkillPages, Idealist, LinkedIn, and much more. Should I get a Twitter? It seems like I will have to if I want to be hired. What a queer thought that I may have to type in <140 characters of nonsense to get hired for work of consequence.

Talking to people: I have dug into every connection I have—at least I plan to—and asked them about anything that may have some form of a sustainable income. It is tough work to connect, and e-mail, and ask, and plead, and basically beg to see what can be done about getting a job. I owe people a lot for every effort they put out. And I hope that wherever I end up that I can return the favor.

Searching for jobs: most of the hard work that I put in is finding a job that fits my qualifications and interests. There is no central database, and no one is out there looking for me. It is a desolate landscape where I holler into the distance and find many storefronts, all of which are closed. It is the search for that open door and the soft reply. But to even get there I must first seek out the different stores. They are in many places and hard to find, as if buried below rocks and sand.

Taking care of myself: I work out, I cook, I clean, I shower, I shave, I nap, I read. The unemployed life can be harsh, and respite is key to a successful search for me.

Applying for jobs: cover letters, resumes, edits, revisions, and pdfs. It is all part of the damn game. I am fed up and very ready to just start doing something good for the world instead of telling everyone that I can.

Fulfilling family obligations: I am living with Mama, she just had her birthday. I try to attend to her. I try to spend time with everyone that I can that is in Portland. It was the same in Reno. I don't know when the job search ends and when family obligations begin. I tried to spend time with my parents, my sisters, and my girlfriend. It is so hard to do it all and I feel I have failed in at least one respect.

Keeping it all in perspective: people say this is the most carefree and fun time of my life. I can't imagine what hardships come with a steady income, but they are obviously nasty. Except, no one seems to opt for my way of life—someone is lying or has deferred their dreams. Either way I seek not the land of mediocrity. Which makes it all so much harder.

And I continue to toil; on and on and on without end in sight. Soon I will be somewhere else but for now I travel this desert road, fuel running down, without a single sign of rest.