Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A short story:

I'm no technophobe, don't get me wrong. There's something about these new machines. They freak me out; always have. A lot. Everyone says they are safe. But that's because they aren't thinking.

But I've seen those old Star Trek episodes, and I know the truth. They kill you. And they turn you into a drone. They say they don't store any of your information, that it's a blind transfer. But I know better. They know how to make a man appear anywhere one of these contraptions exists. That should be proof enough that this is ungodly.

They say it's a simple matter of quantum entanglement and data transfer. That all they do is recompose the bits we are made out of into a new space instantaneously. They say it is painless, that the coding process is a perfect transfer of information to the new location.

That's just a fanciful way of saying we are dealing with things beyond our capacity to know. Teleportation. It's a load of crap. Look at the evidence; this is all that they have ever told me—the public too.

They use two teleporters with the core particles that transfer the information quantumly entangled with each other. This is across all of the teleporters, so that means that whenever they add a new station they have to use their expensive process all over again to create cores that are entangled with each other. Now, that works at the basic level of transferring information between the teleporters. But what is that information? It is every atom that makes up your being. At least it is supposed to be. What they do to scan your information is they shoot electrons at you. That's right, light beams. But they don't just shoot a little laser light. They shoot enough concentrated electron energy at you to vaporize you in 1/15th of a second. Then that information is processed faster than all of the atoms in the room can decompose and that information is fed through the core and you are printed out at the other teleporter. Bear in mind that the printing process begins before your atoms dissipate completely in teleporter A.

The printing process in teleporter B is a little messier than they would like to admit. They reconstruct you in the exact opposite way that you were deconstructed. They use hyper powerful lasers to compress and mold their liquid compound they call vitae into an identical copy of you. This copy is given a little spark and to the world, you have been teleported. To the person that took a step into teleporter A, you have been killed.

And that's because not even the information that was you is even transferred between the two teleporters. No, a copy of you is made in teleporter A and translated into the language that the teleporters can understand. In teleporter A, you are killed and translated into a copy. That copy is copied to the other teleporter where it is translated again. All of it, instantly.

And so you die. And you pay big bucks to die.

And they say that your information is erased immediately. That they wouldn't want to store your information. They say that they can't mess around with the printing process. That you can't be teleported with an arm on your head or a sudden desire to buy all of their products.

But that's why I'm telling you all this now. That's why I'm talking to you at all about some complex technology. Because they lied. And I'm the criminal. I tried to blow-up their basement. But it was worse than I had imagined.

I had found a way into their computer systems. It took all my money just for that. Once I was in I discovered precisely what I had suspected all along. They weren't just teleporting they were storing. And they were in business big time. Early in the experiments they had found that type A blood had difficulty teleporting more so than other types for some reason. To counter that, they stored a type A blood program into all the teleporters. Everyone with type A blood actually was getting printed with one person's (subject #33852 to be precise) bone-marrow and blood. They figured that it would work just fine. Those were parts of medical procedures that had been done for hundreds of years. But with that technology the CEOs found a much more useful one. The storing of people.

The CEO took this new breakthrough to the US Military. The US saw it as an opportunity to make a cheap army. The vitae solution was actually quite easy to produce, being mostly sea water, the US could build soldiers out of the ocean—literally. Teleportation was now cheap cloning.

But it didn't stop there, no. The complex process of teleporting a body is nothing to reconstituting a brain. In learning how to get the synapses to fire correctly in the printing process, the research team came across the ability to do two things: read minds, and manipulate minds. They could read every last perverted memory or thought that had deigned to store itself in a persons brain, and they could change the firing of synapses to make any new memory they wanted. The US now had a perfect military. An endless cheap army of obedient mercenaries.

To keep this massive operation secure, they built 30 stories below the headquarters of the corporation that were unknown to anyone but the highest officials in the military as well as the corporation.

I was able to blow up about 2 stories and found something much worse. They weren't just storing the imprints of soldiers that were teleporting onto our distant battlefields, they were storing everyone who went through those godforsaken machines. And they were changing the minds of everyone without remorse. It started simply, a buy more algorithm. But soon they were creating obedience algorithms and ideology algorithms. They even ran a love algorithm just to see who they could mess up.

So here I am. I am about to be transferred to my first court appearance half a world away. And I'm not going to fly, I'm going to teleport. They are going to kill me. So don't be surprised if I sound like a maniac. Or even worse, if they make me their advocate.

One more thing, in the copying process I found out that if they dim the intensity by even the slightest, they can still make the copy, but the person in the machine can suffer horrible pain from being fried. So this little note is my sign-off and I doubt a soul will find it or even believe me, but I can tell you now that the world we thought we knew is over. And this new world is just an ersatz copy; a blind transfer of what once was.