Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok, so now I want to do something to change up the format a little. I am going to add a random or semi-random (probably more just unrelated to the post) image culled from the annals of the Wikimedia commons to each of my posts. I think a little flair could be nice.

Let's be honest, wading through the chunks of text that I try to pass off as interesting is, well, just the opposite. I will add only Creative Commons or open-source images so I don't have to worry about the FBI knocking at my door—at least not for anything related to that.

Why am I adding more work for myself? Because I want to be popular. Really. And because Megan's blog is pretty cool with her crazy fun facts about the elements, I thought I would try to outdo her a bit (seriously, vanadium could have been a fun fact in itself).

So, to make my challenge a little more challenging, on days I don't post my own images that I created, I will be adding other images created by cooler people.

Oh, and I'll add another bit. Anyone who submits me a photo from any of the many ways to get in touch with me, can have the image posted and I will also add a little dedication to go along with it. I really want to have something interactive about this place. I feel like I'm shooting into dead-space. I want to know people are out there, and that they care.

That sounded needy. But I think that you get what I'm saying. The world is a big place. The world is a small place. It's crowded too. But sometimes people feel alone. Even I do sometimes. And I have lots of friends. Facebook says so.

I also am contemplating the move to Twitter. I'm not sure that's a good idea. 140 characters seems too artificial. I'm not one to adhere well to artificial structures—365 is more of a suggestion than a rule. But it could drastically increase my appeal on the web, and I'm sure I will have a gem or two. Is it worth the extra expenditure of energy to join a world that is nose pressed to the phone telling people all about the life I'm not living?

I'm a little cynical you see. I'll continue to muse a bit.