Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Day of Class

Today was the last day of classes. For all of college. Today was the whimper at the end of my education.

It was a gray day with lukewarm weather. The trees were blooming but only in a nonchalant way. Everything was the same as always. My last class was a short meeting with my advisor. We talked briefly and I walked off without even thinking about it.

Today was a day like any other. But tomorrow should be different. Right?

I played some Mario Kart, I played some Super Smash Brothers, I did what I always do. What am I supposed to feel when I know that the end is here? What significance can I derive from something I do not know how to react to?

I did laundry. I watched a movie. I ate a nice lunch. I even fell asleep in class today. It was all the same as every week previous.

Last night seems like a surreal memory. We had our last Fight Club meeting. The members of the club went around and gave compliments to each of the seniors. We all got t-shirts that everyone wrote on. I was overwhelmed. Hearing the things that have happened and the bonds that we have fostered in this new club made me emotional. Emotional is insufficient; I was happy, sad, elated, energetic, all over the board.

The new club presidents, Sam and Chris, took over with grace and ran the meeting amazingly. It was all full circle. Three years of being the president of Fight Club, and the journey for the club has just begun. This year was the first that the seniors were truly handing it all over. When Sarah and Lauren left me with the club, I was alone and there was little more than a framework to hand down. When Jed left, he disappeared without leaving much of a mark.

Eight seniors. Two club presidents, one secretary, one liaison, and four dedicated members of the club attended their last official club meeting last night. It was tough to say the least. We are all moving on to our respective futures; most will have something to do with conflict resolution.

This club is a support group as much as it is a place to help others. I hope that the future of the club is one that blossoms into a support for the community as well as the individuals that make it up. I know it's cheesy, but I believe it fervently, “I will be the change I want to see in the world.” And the club believes it too. This has been the realization of a dream. I am so excited to see how this club will evolve.

And tomorrow will be another attempt at it. Another attempt at making the end of the year count. Making it last longer. I spent the evening hanging out with Regent Street. Same old evening, talking about the same old stuff, watching the same shows. Just like it has always been.

There is some sort eternity in where I am. That eternity let me stay, but I am content to know it will come with me in the form of memories. And friends that won't ever let me forget them. So today was the same as the last, and tomorrow will be too. And hopefully, some of that happiness will make the days feel like they do now, and ten years from now I will wake up a little older, a little slower, and content with the ten years of lasting bonds and friendship I've created here at Skidmore.