Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun Part 3

The point of the extensive foray into my personal linguistic theory is that I was having fun. Decorating my shirt for Fun Day was fun. Watching bad tv was fun. Even looking for Katie's keys until three thirty in the morning is fun. Sort of. It is in that way that only a fruitless and demoralizing search can be.

But a solution was found and I woke up to Fun Day. Saturday. I made it home. Crew got back from practice. We started playing drunk driving—aka drunkio kart—a game where each player has to consume their drink before the termination of a race. I got into it to say the least; I cussed and jumped around because I was a badass mofo beating the pants off my house mates. Then I started dancing. Lots of dancing. And I would say I'm a pretty good dancer. But don't tell anyone that, they might have expectations.

And then I went to Alex's house. We hung around there for a bit, just chilling and getting ready to go. Alex sang along to some songs, it was fun. I looked out on the quad, people were playing volleyball, beer pong, and tossing around a baseball. It was bright and sunny out. It was warm. Perfectly warm.

We ended up on the Pond Green with all my friends on a couple blankets together. Islands attached to each other tenuously. A metaphor reinforced by Natalie's blanket, a large blue towel with palm trees on it. I ran around, literally. The chaos that lay before me was a sea of humanity. Barely clothed, covered in body paint, and most were heavily under the influence. I always wonder what posterity will think of us. How they will judge us in our most human moments. Can we be the responsible people we have been told to be? Can we make the next generation better than the last?

The question was temporarily answered. Somehow, in filming the days events my friends took it as an opportunity to talk to posterity about how their escapades were justifiable. Needless to say, it is a difficult proposition with a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of booze in the other.

The day wound down, we went back to Alex's house and everyone napped. I sat up and watched “A Cinderella Story.” I looked over the day in my head. Going through the obstacle course at full speed just to beat whoever I was racing at the time. I was fast. Standing in line with Jacob to grab burgers and finding out that I could just cut ahead because there wasn't a line for veggie burgers. Going on an adventure with Alicia and Chris to find body paint. Watching people get dunked in the tank. Petting the dogs that Katie and Natalie had somehow acquired. Catching Alex sneaking off with P Schwartz. James without his shirt. Getting tackled on a regular basis. It was all so much. And so much fun. Really.

Explaining every detail is a bit of a novel. Like War and Peace sized, so let's call my spare descriptions a minimalistic approach to the feeling of actual fun. On Fun Day.