Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fun Part 1

I guess it all started on thursday night. I had my thesis defense and I realized a few things about my thesis. One, it is far beyond the scope of anything I have read, and thus there is no precedent for the framework. It is frustrating because I really want to synthesize this information in a way that is accessible and comprehensible. Two, my professors don't know what i'm doing either and they have fallen short in their ability to help me as well. This is not meant to be a derogatory statement by any means, it just goes to show the limits of everyone. Three, while there is a lot of potential in what my thesis can provide, it is yet to be fully realized. I have to work a lot more on it to make it what it needs to be. As it stands, it looks like a dabbling in three different schools of thought and very little by way of conclusive or groundbreaking exposition of materials. I hope to make it that.

But the defense went well and I felt fairly confident in how it could continue in the future. I ended up hanging out with James and Jacob, and we had a quick happy hour. Then it was off to cafe gijon, the Spanish Club's dinner. The day had transformed suddenly from a gloomy gray to a muggy evening with a beautiful sunset. Needless to say that it was a good to hear Spanish again and eat food with friends. We then played “scene it” in Spanish and my team won gift cards to plum dandy. Plum dandy is a frozen yogurt shop that is amazingly delicious and perfectly epitomizes summer. I picked up a camera from media services and I started recording my life. I'm not sure what to capture.

People react oddly to video cameras, they feel they have to perform. I just want to capture them in their natural habitat. I just want to show the world why I love the people I hang out with.

The thunder and lightning storms had been really getting on my nerves. They were getting much worse and the whole area was flooding. Thick gobs of water slammed into the ground sending huge ripples out. A near infinity of these drops hit Saratoga Springs resulting in a torrential downpour. It reminded me that weather is formidable to say the least. Needless to sahy that the drive back was scary. It is also calming and wonderful to some degree. Thunder and lightning plus heavy rains equals a good night's sleep.

And so I woke up on Friday morning without a care or even a tired eye. James and I cooked poached eggs together. I spent the day, cool and gray, with 5 Dayton. I had a relaxing moment. Some boys were playing baseball out in the back quad and Megan—tall, opinionated, and witty—explained who each of the individuals were. I liked hearing about the lives of others, so similar to me and so different. A young man who had a long distance girlfriend that came and visited often. A group of friends that had been together for the duration of their time at Skidmore. It was a mirrored reflection, something distorted and beautiful at the same time. We waited patiently while James, Jacob, Korena, and Tom returned from practice. It took a while.

When we finally sat down we had a nice meal with good company, two things I know I take for granted. We had rowdy conversation. It was fun.