Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cosmological Comedy

I have found that being home is an adventure. I am not really on task but it is still worth it to see where the adventure goes. Sure it's not the glamorous adventure of the action movies or even of Horton Hears a Who (the movie I am watching right now). But it has an adventure like quality.

Or maybe more like a sitcom. We have a recurring cast of characters. Ciera's little red-headed sister, my eccentric family (two sisters with drastically different personalities, four kittens, and my exceedingly odd parents). Sometimes Ciera's wacky family members come by to provide us with lots of awesome plotlines.

So maybe it's an adventure-sitcom. A cross-over of genres. Something that could grab the 18-30 year old male audience and the...well actually the same audience. So maybe my life appeals to just me. And that's probably because I have started living with some thoughts. I do think sometimes. Often I just write. But in this instance, I have been musing quite often on a special thought. It goes like this, “don't take things too seriously, it's all a bit of a joke anyway.” This thought is often followed by a question, “what is the impact or potential impact of action or event?” It is then promptly accompanied by the answer, as supplied by Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, “in a cosmological sense, not much.”

So. To sum up, I have been living in Shakespeare's world as a stage, and treating it as a comedy. Does that make it much better? I don't know. But it certainly twists events in an entertaining fashion.

I sit in the DMV and watch children get called ahead of me. They don't drive—granted their parents do, but I certainly deserve to be served if I can actually drive right? And there were ghetto gang members that strutted around in chains, wife-beaters, and cocked-sideways hats. What is Nevada's DMV but a crazy set-up for a terribly racist joke?

I plan on putting some of my life into skits or movies someday. People will love it. Or hate it. But I suppose I shouldn't worry too much. I'm just a performer in a comedy of little consequence. I should be so lucky to be able to do what I want and not worry about destroying too much in the process.