Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, Ciera and I woke up about mid morning and decided to take a walk around her neighborhood. Beautiful red brick buildings blend into the red brick sidewalks. Trees with light green leaves use their roots to break up the sidewalk into an uneven texture. Pure bred dogs guide their masters. The air is still, the streets quiet. A tree with bright pink and white blossoms moves without a breeze, it is spring dancing with the flower petals.

We walked into a cute little store, specialty goods with prices beyond high. If I only had disposable income. We bought a loaf of French bread and went back to the apartment. The sun warmed my back, young parents walked by with their child.

At the apartment I proceeded to cut the bread into thick slices and dip them in my egg concoction. I cooked them and made really thick French toast. A breeze kicked up outside and blew in through the window. Ciera set the table, made a fruit salad. She chopped up some strawberries, tossed them in a pan with a bit of water and sugar. We had strawberry syrup. We sat in her living room with tea candles lit, and grapefruit juice.

Ciera wore her sun dress, a green and white floral pattern. Spring was here, if only for a day. After breakfast we walked to the Prudential Center and people watched all of the cosplayers at Anime Boston. It is a convention where hundreds of people come and play dress-up for their favorite characters. It is like an Anime themed Halloween. Some of the costumes were really cool; one person was dressed as a pixilated character, a costume made purely out of cardboard.

We walked on the esplanade. We watched the MIT sailboats run courses and practice. The wind had picked up significantly since the morning. As we talked to each other we couldn’t help but pause for long periods of time, just enjoying the day.

We found a restaurant by Back Bay station. Ate a light, late lunch. We sat by the window, a huge open frame, and let the sun pour into our booth. We talked about the future, something infinitely distant and alarmingly close.

We returned to Ciera’s apartment, perhaps my last real trip there, and took a brief nap. After that I was on the road, a long drive back from a perfect weekend.