Monday, April 18, 2011

Done Minus Bibliography

I have finished my thesis. Finally. Minus the bibliography. It took officially three years to do. Unofficially it has taken much longer. Getting to this point is an odd feeling. I feel liberated, exhausted, excited, directionless, happy, sad, ready.

As a cop out I am going to post my conclusion and abstract for the days I missed. Hopefully those will illustrate just a little how much work I have put in. Don’t get me wrong, the whole thing needs a lot of work but it is ready to be defended.

That’s the next step (after the bibliography) I have to defend it. Three professors with ample knowledge in their fields of work will quiz me on how I meshed together their three areas of expertise to make an original paper. I am ready for them though. I have never been so sure of my own underlying knowledge.

This week will be hectic. It is Fight Week. Our week of conflict resolution related events. All sorts of stuff to promote the good work that has been done with this club. I am running on Wednesday a discussion with Reverend Rick Chrisman on the power of Forgiveness. It will be a potent reminder of the times that we way that pain can perpetuate itself without effort.

I’ve been listening to Ra Ra Riot a lot recently. They are an excellent band; an indie sensation with an orchestral flair. I took another listen to the Avett Brothers and they are a folksy, bluegrass, rock mixture that finds the perfect tone for their lyrics, dripping with naïveté of young love.

My world is spinning too fast, the weather won’t stay constant. Not the rain, the gray, the sun, the wind. It is always in transition. Even the robins in the yard barely remain in a spot long enough to get a glimpse of them. This space I live in is out moving. Moving so fast. I can feel the earth spin at a dizzying rate, the sun shoot through the galaxy, the galaxy through infinity. It is a little disorienting.

I read Orson Scott Card’s latest book Pathfinder. It is written with the same sort of simplistic style that middle schoolers love. I liked it still, because at the end of the day he is an excellent storyteller who brings interesting concepts to what he does. Read Pathfinder if you want a new series to get attached to.

This is sporadic. But so is my life. I saw the movie, It’s Kind of a Funny Story. The actors are great, the story is quirky, and Emma Roberts is adorable as the love interest.

I really appreciate my friends these days. A lot.