Friday, April 1, 2011

April's Fool: An Ode

April’s Fool: An Ode

This is the beginning of my favorite month. It snowed. I’m done with snow.

The beautiful flakes, gently falling, and putting a chilled pallor over the landscape, creating a serene space which is only disturbed by the crunching steps of a wayward soul braving the frozen weather only to find their home is done.

No more of that. April means spring. Now. And I don’t understand why Spring has not come, why the birds are not out in full force, why there are no buds on the trees, why it is still cold and not fun. April is the warm weather, the light spring breeze, the deep blue sky, the barely pink blossoms, and the neon green grass. It is not the morbid white that hides the sprouting annuals.

What awful joke that the weather has played on us. A drawn out prank of April, that the weather would be nice in the days before and upon the day of fools the weather leaves us cold and covered in snow. I am not bitter, the only bite upon me is that of the frost that has turned my nose red. I am bewildered, a body in a blizzard that should not be.

Is it truly April then? I would not know it if I judged by just the weather. I say it is early March, still a month away from the sun. I do not feel its warming rays, its yellow light, or its healing presence. Instead a dark gray turns everything brown, the trees are barren and I feel the fool for having believed the lie that is April. April, a month of celebration, new life, and youth. April, the month that starts with a day for naïve fools to be tricked, continues with the resurrection of God’s son, has a hazy day, and ends with a teary goodbye.

Where is my beloved April? Is my month in a terrible mood? Is my month not ready to show like its portent son the groundhog of February? Where is my April? Hidden away, afraid of its own shadow? I cannot understand what sun would shine to cast a light that would keep my favorite month from me. Come back April, be not the fickle month that others say you are. I love you April; break from your hidden gloom and come be the shining month that has captured my love. I will wait for you April, just do not fool my fragile heart.