Monday, April 11, 2011

100 and 22

Ciera and I stared at the pond. We barely talked. A turtle crawled on the fountain. A duck swam around the pond. The air was humid but not thick. I sang a few lines from “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Ciera had played it for me in the practice room of the new Zankel Music Center moments before. My mind drifted to my party the night before. It was crazy. It was revealing. It was my birthday party.

I started the night with Greg Yuen setting up his DJ equipment. Somehow it ballooned suddenly. And it was great. In the space of three hours my life in college exploded in my face. It was one of those moments where the intricate patterns of my life suddenly came together in a mesh of bodies pressed against each other just to be in the same space.

I knew it was going to be good because the tub from sophomore year was there. The tub that had the now very faded sign on it, “Jugo de la Jungla”. It was the summer that Korena held a party in our Scribner house; all the expatriates of the Summer Programs gathered at our house and we drank a lime green liquid. And we drank that same concoction, Natalie’s special recipe, again. It disappeared much faster than I had anticipated; an indicator of the number of people that had shown up at my party.

I spent a lot of time outside, hanging out with anyone who wanted to smoke a cigarette. I don’t smoke, but being out in the cool night air was my way of welcoming the spring in. It was the 99th day of the year. Just under a third of it had been spent in a torpid state. I was rejecting that winter. Waiting for the 100th day, a sea change would occur. I could feel it.

I did handstands with Chris Lord on the front lawn—well, sort of. I found out quickly how much alcohol I had consumed when I tried to actually do handstands. It was a mess. But there is a cool picture. I failed at pong against Korena. Except I did get a death cup—that was nice. Sergio tried to jump on me, I grabbed him but he let go and he slammed his head on the concrete. Alex and James left me a hilarious video tour of my room. Jacob tried to take care of Sergio, but maybe not in the most productive way. Yelling at someone who is drunk with a head injury sometimes is not the best way to get them to sober up.

I found Alex Moller though, and his training as an EMT was great. He checked Sergio for a concussion and took him home to bed. At the pinnacle, Natalie stood up on a table and told everyone to shut up. She gave me a great birthday speech. Greg Yuen played birthday sex. I got down off the chair I was standing on and gave Ciera a kiss. We had had a wonderful day together before. We had sat out back drinking wine and cooking. Tom awkwardly came in to shower. It was fun.

The duck flew away from the pond. Leaving a trail of ripples on the pond. I thought back to the day before where Ciera and I walked around Broadway. We observed the cute little town full of white people, joking about different things. We went to Borders; the last 4 days. Sarah Palin books were everywhere, 2 dollars. It was sad to see the end of an otherwise awesome bookstore chain. We ate on the patio of the first restaurant that I ever went to in Saratoga Springs. I ordered the same thing I ordered back then, a root beer. Ciera ordered an actual beer under the misconception that I had done the same. It was warm and beautiful out.

Ciera readjusted herself next to me. I looked at the few other people hanging out by the water’s edge. I thought even further back to Ciera’s birthday on Friday. She had endured a hellish bus ride behind two misogynists. We went out drinking, found ourselves at Desperate Annie’s. She kept getting free birthday drinks. I helped her split them. We went to Thirteen, a skeezy dance club. It was skeezy. I was happy to make it home and crash in bed.

The best day. Ciera and I did exactly what we wanted this weekend. Natalie barbecued lunch for us out in the front yard. Katherine baked me a carrot cake and Ciera a chocolate cake. They were both delicious. It was a nice birthday celebration. We ate cake and then ran over to Regent for a movie. Ten Things I Hate About You. Ciera had never seen it. We watched it. It was so nice. We slept in on the 101st day of the year.