Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patty's Day

I am three days behind. I knew this would be a problem. Procrastination, a sedentary lifestyle, the mainstays of the American life. I spend so much time exploring the world and at the same time I cannot keep up with my entries about it.

Is that bad? I am experiencing and doing so much, but at the same time I cannot process it. What does that mean?

The short story is that I have been spending a wonderful week here in Boston. The old brick buildings mix wonderfully with the modern architecture in this city. Everything seems so nice—when it's sunny out. The city has a vibrant peace to it that one would not expect coming from such a dense environment. But the mixture of old facades, brick sidewalks, and lazily drooping trees make for an atmosphere that is simultaneously buzzing with energy but full of peace.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day. My favorite holiday. What better place to celebrate it than Boston? The answer to that question is anywhere in Ireland. But for the less adventurous explorers, Boston is the pinnacle. And Boston does not disappoint. After donning my many articles of green clothing, I proceeded to wander the city and find “the party.” That happened to be everywhere.

It was a wonderful and sunny day. Bright blue sky, Boston skyline, and the Boston Commons. I sat by the skating rink which was halfway to being Frog Pond again, and watched as people passed. There were multiple bands playing to raise money for Japan, there were hundreds of children running around, and there were awkward first time skaters trying to hold onto the winter for just one more day.

I met up with Ciera and her theater buddies—Teal, Nick, and Michelle—and we wandered north to Fanueil Hall to get in the mix. Bars, exploding with people in various shades of green, sat before us and we wandered through to grab a beer before making our way back to the South End. Every Irish pub was so packed that we had to find a bar at the edge of the North End (the very Italian section of Boston) just to find a bartender that wasn't inundated with shouts for Guinness, Jameson, Car Bombs, and Bailey's. But it worked well in our favor; the bar was crowded but not packed, the place was festive but not obscene.

A couple drinks later and the night was upon us; just the beginning of the St. Patty's celebrations.