Friday, March 18, 2011

Irish and Japanese

St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday. I love dressing in green, pinching people, searching for leprechauns, and have a grand time for no real reason. The holiday is Irish, it doesn't really have much significance for America. I suppose the fact that it is a silly holiday where there are no obligations to anyone (no handing out of candy, gift-giving, roses, etc) is my cup of tea.

It is a test of the fidelity of a relationship to celebrate a holiday with someone and the only obligation is to interact with them. I suppose that's why there is so much drinking involved. That, or it could be the Irish roots.

I woke up and dressed all snazzy for the day. I had packed my St. Patrick Is My Homeboy t-shirt and my Ireland jacket just for the occasion. It was a perfect day for it all too, the weather was over 60 degrees, there was a nice spring breeze, and green was appropriate for the holiday as well as the season. Everything just perked up.

And so Ciera and I headed back from the North End of Boston to the South End to meet up with Mark and Kelly. Ciera met Mark during her show, Awesome 80's Prom, and he and his wife Kelly have been wonderful friends with us since. Mark is extremely energetic, a bull in any sort of shop. Kelly is much more subdued and quiet, but her statements tend to be much more concise and well thought out. She is currently 6-ish months pregnant and going through a tough time. She is constantly tired and stressed out. It is somewhere between funny and sad watching Mark try to perk her up while she nods off during conversation.

Anyway, they took us to Douzo, a nice but expensive Sushi place. It is always great to chat with them. They are in their thirties, older but not anywhere near our parents, and are about to start a family. It is great to see the anticipation and excitement of a first child. As much as they are worried about a million different things, it shows how badly they want this baby. I wonder if my parents were similar.

We ate sushi on St. Patty's. Irish and Japanese—a fitting combination given my heritage. The dinner was a stirring combination of Mark and Ciera alternately yelling stories while Kelly fought off sleep, and I tried to sneak in a couple of words. It was the same as it always is with them.

And it was great. After stuffing myself with the art as food, we parted ways to let Kelly sleep. Ciera and I had plenty more night ahead, we headed to Back Bay to meet up with Anna and her friend.