Friday, March 18, 2011

Bob, Beehive, Harp

I met Bob. “Hey I'm Bob.” It was noisy so I didn't think I heard him right. He obviously had a much more complex name.

“Bob?” I repeated.

“Bob.” He looked me directly in the eye. I guess his name was Bob. And he was with Anna's friend from high school—Liz. Three letter names. Easy to remember.

Liz had straight blonde hair and was another version of Anna: short, excitable, and slightly wide-eyed. It wasn't bad. But truthfully I never pinpointed Liz. And I never pinpointed Bob.

Bob had a stocky build, was about five eleven, and a large square jaw. He had light dusky blonde hair and a green coat on. He was an intern at an architecture firm—24 and living in Brighton. He was a nice guy.

We walked back to the apartment from the T; I had to drop off my bag and get ready for the night ahead. My t-shirt would no longer suffice and I tossed on my green polo instead. Before hitting the bars, we sat around in the kitchen hanging out, just shooting the bull. Meeting new people is exceedingly interesting. Everyone kicked back a beer. In a rare instance of impatience, I was rearing to go. I didn't have a lot of energy so I knew that the earlier we left, the longer I would be able to stay out.

We ended up at a really cool basement bar called the Beehive. It is converted out of the first floor and basement of two adjacent buildings and now has a stage and a balcony. It is a bit nicer than most pubs but it was totally worth it. The place was crowded but not packed, and there was a live Irish band playing. I love live music and the performers were on their game. The best part was seeing how much they enjoyed their art form. It was easy to tell that the members of the band liked making music and lived for their tiny bar scene. There was a harpist, a flautist, a guitarist, and a drummer. The sounds that came from them were definitely Irish but at the same time had a distinctly American flavor. The Beehive is expensive.

Well worth it though. I started crashing, finished my drink, bid adieu to Bob and Liz and Anna, and headed on home with Ciera. The day had finally ended, I fell into bed and dreamed about driving, meeting new people, and urban chaos. New York awaited.