Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Her Favorite Door

A short story:

I stared at the door. Watched it move. Looked away. Looked back. It was still. The door didn't move. The hum of the fans. There is no hum. They don't have vents in here. Silence. A tinny ring. I could hear the nurse walking down the hall. She was coming to give me my medication. She didn't come. The footsteps were never there. They don't give us meds that way. I still heard her coming down the hall. Click click against the tile floor. It came closer. It was too close. It was in the room.

Silence. I looked around. The room was the same. Except for the corner. The corner was dripping. Just a trickle of water. There must have been a leak. I was sure of it. Curiosity, I rose to touch it. It was water. Touched it. Smelled it. It was black. It was red. It was blood. It wasn't there. I stared. Heard two men outside my room.

They were speaking in whispers. I heard the man next door raise his voice to a fever pitch. He was screaming. I held my ears. He was yelling at me. He was gone. I heard people running down the halls. A quick shout. A struggle. Silence.

It continued to ring all around. The ringing. It was gone again. Everything was gone again. I was deaf. I would never hear again. I was sure of it. I stared at the door. A shadow passed by the tiny window in the door. I couldn't leave the room. Another whisper in my ear. I could hear again. I couldn't. They were just in my head. The doctor came in. Told me it was in my head.

He looked at me angrily. The door was locked. He smiled. He started to undo his belt. He walked toward me. I stared at the door. It was the same as before. It was locked from the outside. There was no one in the room with me. I was on the bed still. I was looking at the door. And it was the same still.

I closed my eyes. Felt around in my brain for my favorite people. They were angry though. Their faces contorted. All the men started to undo their belts and unzip their pants. All the women had long fingernails and kept me from escaping. I was too frail in their claws. I opened my eyes. I could not escape. I heard the whispers again. Outside the door. I got up. I looked out my little window in my door. A man and a woman, naked, were laughing. They seemed happy. I turned. Heard the hum of the fan. I couldn't breathe. They poisoned me.

I woke up on my bed. I looked around the room. I stared at the door. It was a peaceful moment, my mind was briefly quiet.