Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy SAD

Today was Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what that means. Today was Singles Awareness Day. I don’t know what that means. I know the acronyms are VD and SAD. That is funny to me. I wonder why we’d ascribe meaning to specific days that realistically have no importance. Big events in one’s life rarely land on the New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s, or the summer solstice. The big events happen on ordinary days.

I walked into work today and my work was more than cut out for me. Flower deliveries come to the Office of Campus Life. There were a lot of flower deliveries. I normally come in, do a little office work, and get all of my other work done. Instead, I spent the entire time today calling young women to tell them that they had deliveries. As they filtered in and out to pick up their flowers, I realized something.

Flowers may just be dead plants, and chocolates may just be foods, but the mere gesture of giving is important in itself. It is also funny to watch the competition. Some guys opted for the big arrangements with a balloon. Others had the small arrangement that had subtle accents of individuality. One girl received a bamboo plant. Every girl walked away happy. It made me happy. I also felt like a pimp. Handing out flowers. My job today was to make people happy. Even if it was only a product of me signing the paper saying I received it, I felt good watching people light up.

Some people aren’t always as happy about VD. But like I said, I see it as just another day. I think that today is an excuse to enjoy people and tell them you love them. Tell them you love them; not in a romantic way. Tell your friends how much you care. Take a moment to say, “I love you for who you are and all the happiness you bring into my life.”

And do it however you feel is appropriate. If flowers are your thing, go for it. If it’s digging up Star Wars Valentines cards, do that. If it is a hug or a smile, do that. If it’s to completely ignore the Hallmark standards and just hang with your friends, go crazy.

And then do that the next day.