Monday, February 28, 2011

Action/Adventure: 3

Action/adventure: 3

“How're the buses? On time?” I asked.

“So far,” the clerk answered, “but you shouldn't be asking that question if you want them to stay that way.”

I laughed, he was right. The slightest jinx in this weather and I would never make it to my final destination. I was going to Boston to see Ciera in The Golden Age. She was playing Dr. Simon, the stern asylum doctor. I didn't want to jeopardize that opportunity at all. I thanked the clerk and took my seat. Only a few minutes until they boarded. Not five minutes later, the attendant came up to me and told me that my 10:00 had been canceled and that they were moving me to the 9:45. It would go through Springfield before ending in Boston.

I was worried. The weather was bad and the road to Springfield is a series of 2 lane back roads. To put it simply, I was glad to be a passenger and not the driver. On the road it became apparent I was right. The roads were slick and nasty, the snow quickly turned into rain. I felt safe on board but I could feel the tires shift on the slushy mixture coating the road. Springfield, a small city with a bleak bus stop.

The adventure continued. I somehow made it to Boston within 30 minutes of my original arrival. I walked as fast as I could to meet Ciera at the Paramount. It was raining now. Heavy and cold, it soaked my jacket and hat. I stood outside the Paramount Theater. The lights on the sign reflected onto the passing cars, tracing their curves. The weather was just another struggle with adversity.

I got the call from Ciera, she was out of class. I met her and we made our way to her apartment. My back was killing me. I was exhausted from all the travel. But she was there and I had found my space. I collapsed on the bed, happy to be there. The weekend was just starting.