Saturday, February 26, 2011

Action Adventure: 1

Life is an action/adventure movie. Well, sometimes people thinks it's a rom com or a drama or a—well anything else. I choose to believe it is an action/adventure for now.

An action/adventure movie or an AA tends to have an awesomely handsome and fearless protagonist that overcomes adversity and wins the girl. I totally have all that. It is fraught with challenges and obstacles, a life lived with constant adrenaline pumping action. My journey starts with hot yoga and ends in Boston.

It was sometime during the third chataranga that the epic struggle became apparent. Sweat was dripping from my forehead obscuring my eyesight. My body was on fire, the room was on fire. I was pushing the limits of my body. But somehow I was relaxed, calm.

I stepped out into the cold. My body was still peaked. The air felt brisk but not frigid. I stepped into the back seat of Alex's car, strapped in her butternut squash. At pizza I ordered a chocolate milk and absorbed the setting. Claire, Alex, and I had munched down a salad and a large pizza. All the food disappeared into our gullets without pause. A brief respite from the action.

On Thursday I was back in the fray organizing my army of mediators to fight the evil powers of miscommunication and ignorance. We were gearing up for the fight for the very community and sanity of the campus. Skidmore's identity crisis had become my crusade, a constant battle to understand what it means to be a student on campus, what kind of institution we all want to build, and where every student stands to make a difference. My job was to build the framework for the conversation—the battlefield—for how it would all play out. Everyone on campus was affected, only a fraction participated in the last conversation. I crusaded on.

I finished talking to Mark about the mediation session. We had pounded out an hour on a PINS (person in need of supervision) case, trying to get the mother and teen to talk openly to each other. One hour is but a moment in the world of mediation. We did our best and locked them into a future engagement. As mediators we were ready to fight for justice. Justice of the kind that only mediation can bring. A fight beyond right and wrong. A fight beyond violence. The most human of fights.

I led my army of miscreants to Regent street. We had just sparred together in a game of cards. I was the clear victor, with my wits about me I had remained president in a game of Rich Man/Poor Man. We were now walking from Natalie's toaster car down the street in the dark. I knocked on the bright red door and was greeted by Piper. I had fused my friend groups into one for a brief moment; 5 Dayton and Regent Street together. It was fun to say the least. We sat down, played Taboo, and engaged in a game of one-upmanship. Needless to say my team was more than victorious, they got drunk.

Natalie drove 5 Dayton to bowling, and I proceeded to challenge my housemates to the careful skills game of bowling. Katherine's technique, to walk up to the line and limply swing the ball out of her hand, worked poorly for her. But she tended to knock down more pins than James, whose beautiful form did little to make up for his streak of gutter balls. Natalie had me on the ropes for a few with several strikes and a decent number of spares. Jacob similarly had me running scared, but the beer definitely kicked in hard for him, and he faded fast. I pulled myself together, expertly threw the balls down the lane and nailed enough pins to pull out two consecutive wins. Victory tasted sweet.

I returned to my house to pack and sleep. A short few hours before embarking on the longest part of my journey.