Friday, January 14, 2011

Tangled Easter Eggs

Last night I went and saw Tangled. Tangled—it's the Rapunzel movie made by Disney. I have to say it is freakin' sweet. I fully attribute that to John Lassetter being an executive producer for the project. For all of you non-geeks, John Lassetter is one of the heads and founders of Pixar and he takes enormous pride in delivering a quality product.

Tangled isn't Pixar awesome, unless you count Cars as one of Pixar's good ones, but it is full of heart and extra chunky bits of wit. Tangled is Disney's 50th animated movie and accordingly you can see some of the loving attention that they lavished on it. There is certainly an extra helping of Disney magic in the movie. Ok, so why am I gushing over a children's movie like the Disney corporation is paying me by the word? Two words: Easter Eggs!

While watching the movie it felt extra magical but I couldn't exactly pin down what was making it so...then I realized that many of the scenes, shots, actions, lines, and full on things in the backgrounds are straight up lifted from other Disney movies. It is a visual delight for the careful viewer to spot references to other Disney movies.


The opening scene with the golden flower is very similar to the opening of beauty and the beast. The woman in the cloak looks like the witch that curses beast. The castle looks very similar to the one in sleeping beauty. There is a special guest appearance of one of the cute little rabbits from Snow White. Pinocchio can be seen in the background of the bar scene. The ruffians in the bar resemble Captain Hook and his pirates very strongly. The guy with the hook even plays piano. When Rapunzel reveals herself for the first time to Flynn, it looks like the first time Beast reveals himself to Belle. The setting off of the lamps in the beginning of the movie looks like the Lion King's opening scene when Rafiki holds up Simba on Pride Rock. Rapunzel's opening song with her chores looks like Cinderella's. The books she picks up are like Belle at the library. Rapunzel's rolling through the grass is like Pocahontas. Rapunzel and Flynn on the boat is very close to The Little Mermaid boat scene, even when they almost tip over. Huge apple motif from Snow White. There is so much more too!

Here's the challenge to the few of you who read this: find more and tell everyone! Also, tell me what you find. I'd like to know.