Thursday, January 13, 2011


This is a short scene I wrote. It also revolves around reincarnation and death. I think I have a fixation on it... Any questions leave a comment, because it is dense stuff.


Open on a moving school bus

M: Where am I?

DRIVER: Purgatory.

M: Wha-

Slip into other world, red gate

M: (Shakes it off) What was that?

Driver: You just slipped into another world.

M: (looks out the window) Why can’t I see any thing clearly out the window?

Driver: Side-effect

M slips again, thousands of images in a fraction of time. It affects him heavily and he collapses on the floor of the bus

M: What? What’s happening?

Driver: Your soul is dissociating from its bodies.

M: What?

Driver: You are a soul and you are dying of old age.

M: Age? (looks at hands) but I’m young.

Driver: What’s your name?

Slips through again into many different places. Hold longer on the red gate. Image of a boy walking through the red gate.

M: I don’t have a name do I? Or I have many names…

Driver: What’s your age?

M: Age? It doesn’t matter does it? None of it, not even time.

Driver: No. It doesn’t.

M: How can I be dying if time has no bearing on me?

Driver: No. Not how, why. Why are you dying?

M: I don’t know. I’m so sad…and happy. Each experience is an amplified dream; so in the moment it hurts.

Driver: you are dissipating into the ether; look around you so is everyone else.

M: Purgatory?

Driver: We aren’t anywhere actually. We are already in the ether. Nothing.

M: So my fate is final. I will disintegrate into the ether.

Driver: were you ever separate from the ether or even an individual?

M: (confused) I was many people? I feel it… I slip into love, parenthood, loneliness, sadness, success, failure, beauty, hatred, ugly. I am me at my most pure, and simultaneously most diluted. I am a higher consciousness? Am I God?

Driver: are you anything? Do your molecules exist from one universe to the next? What are you? Your values? Your actions? Opinions?

M: I can’t be because none of them are consistent. No world I experience is me or in agreement with me.

M slips back to the red gate and the yard and is holding his wife’s hand. He slips back out into the bus. He still has her wedding ring.

Driver: what did you see that time?

M: One of my lives. The best one. And the saddest one.

Driver: Souls used to know their past lives, see the error in their ways and have the opportunity to improve the next time.

M looks at ring, keeps it to himself, puts it in his jacket pocket.

Driver: death does not require time you know. You are already dead, have been many times.

M: but as a soul I regenerate?

Driver: No. You occupy many lives simultaneously separated by time and the thin membrane of every universe.

M: but then why am I dying?

Driver: because you’ve lost control.

M: I’m out of control? (slips)

Red gate, flash boy, phone call (distant, single ring)

M: (he is crying, sobbing uncontrollably) I don’t know why I’m crying. I slipped again but it was so calm, happy, and tranquil. Why did I cry? I feel empty. I also feel so much love.

Driver: Is that not what a lifetime is? Full and empty? Sad and happy? A jumble of abstract memories colored by emotion.

M: why can’t I hold onto my past lives, why is everyone on this bus? Are we all dead souls?

Driver: you are all refugees from paradise, dying because you lost control of your lives.

M: and where are we going? Hell?

Driver: No. I told you already, the ether. You will return to the energy from whence you came.

M slips back to yard. Wife is in white dress, he holds her hand and starts to dance with her, it is a happy moment, they have just found out she is pregnant.

M: will you follow me?

W: wherever you go.

M: and if I needed help?

W: I would save you.

M: and our child?

W: will love you.

M: and I will love him with you.

M slips back

M: why can’t I see my soul when I live?

Driver: you can, but it is equivalent to how an ant sees a field of grass.

M: I want to go back; I don’t want to stop my existence.

Driver: I can’t make that decision.

M slips. Gate opens, man in suit walks through with solemn look. It is clear he is some sort of security personnel.

M slips back.

M: I am, was someone powerful, in control. What do you mean I don’t control my life? (reaches in pocket and feels ring. Rolls it in his fingers)

M slips back to the garden the garden is empty and the light is slightly foreboding as if clouds are passing overhead.

M slips to airport. All of them. Hundreds of flights and airplanes. Delays, cancellations.

M slips to all loves over time. Thousands of women all ages on first dates and last breaths. “I love you” a lot

M slips back to the bus.

M: I am so much and so many simultaneously. And you are going to dissipate me? Erase me from every universe?

Driver: you are in all of those places and not. The ether doesn’t care about whether you are or you aren’t, but it does care if you control it.

M: and I can’t control it.

Driver: life is fragile. Control is precise and tenuous. The slightest slip and time’s landscape collapses.

M: (thinks about it for a while) No. Life is resilient. I choose to exist.

Driver: are you sure you can make that choice? Can you even make choices? You are already dead.

M: I have died and will die again, and am dying. I came from the ether, am part of the ether, and separate from the ether. I am what I am. And I choose to control it.

Driver: how?

M: (Pulls out wedding ring and shows it to Driver) Not how. Why. I’m going to propose to the woman of my dreams.

M slips into garden with W

M: I missed you so much. I want you to know that you are, will be, wonderful.

W: I love you too, what’s come over you?

M: marry me, but not the way that everyone does, till death do us part. Let’s stick it out for the life beyond the life.

W: beyond? Will you follow me?

M: wherever you go. (puts ring on her finger)

W: and if I needed you?

M: I would save you.

W: and a child?

M: will love us and we will love him.

M slips back to bus

M: I’m taking control

Driver: but you are already in the ether.

M: and I’m already not.

M slips back, wife in white dress and son are in the garden. M takes them by the hand and slips back onto the bus with both of them. He stands up and goes to the driver.

M: thank you God.

Driver: this is your stop.

M: I understand. (looks at W and son) Let’s go.

They exit the bus and open the red gate to the yard