Sunday, January 2, 2011


This is day 2. And it's going to be harder than I thought. The goal is to be creative everyday. The goal is to be honest everyday. And that's damn hard. If the last post was about the end, this should be about the next year. A year where my life gets to begin. A post about the beginning.

Without being cliché let me run through the first few sayings in my head: “Every beginning comes from some other beginning's end”, “the end is just the beginning”, “It's the circle of life”. That last one was a bit flippant. The point is that I am finishing college this year and I get to be part of the world. Part of the world is an exciting and scary thing.

I'm not sure I am ready to work hard until I die. I must though to achieve what I set out to do. So I am excited for the next year. Because I get to prove to myself that I have value. That I am part of the next generation. The generation that “finally changes the world.”

I was talking to my father about his generation. The baby boomers. They spent so much time fighting the man and waiting to be in charge that they didn't notice they became the man. The excess of the eighties, the Dot Com Boom, the McMansions of the 00s. Somewhere they missed the boat. Radical reform was sedated by comfort, consumerism, and crippling obesity. I'm not mad at my father or his generation and I don't believe they never got anything done. I believe they became sidetracked. That when they left their institutions and set out to change the world, there was no comprehensive plan. A mentality of wait until our day developed. Then their day passed. The first of the Baby Boomer generation is retiring now.

I don't want to be that generation. I don't want to wait for my day only to have it sneak by me. I don't want my generation to become obsessed with their things, misguided notions of progress as more stuff. I want world peace and I want it now. I want an end to poverty now. I want to see universal inquiry into the workings of the world now. I want it now.

This year I am going to set out now. And that's what I am looking forward to. The end of preparation.

And I know I sound naïve. I know some will scoff and some will pat my head with a knowing grin. And I think I'm ok with that.