Wednesday, January 26, 2011

5 Dayton I's Residents

It’s always nice to see my friends and get back to Skidmore. For much of my college career I have felt like I am not strong enough to be an adult. During my time here I have found that adults suck. Being mature is not something people do. As I leave here I realize that being perfect, being the people we thought our parents were when we were kids, is not being human. That won’t stop me from trying, but it will keep me from getting frustrated.

It was nice to see my house when I got in. Natalie is our newest resident. She is an enthusiastic individual that has a slight tendency to over extend herself. She is doing her social work internship this semester so I barely see her. What I have noticed is how much more like a home 5 Dayton I feels. It is full of decorations and actual equipment. Natalie likes to cock her eyes in funny ways, unabashedly contorting herself to entertain us as she tells stories. Sitting and hanging around with her is almost paradoxical to her ebullience. But it is always rewarding conversation.

Tom has returned this semester as our foreign exchange student where he will be playing the role of the kooky kid with a shaky grasp of English. At first, I thought Tom was a little absent minded and off because he didn’t quite get English or America. As I’ve gotten to know him a little better it seems to me that he is somewhere between here and space. He is a good cook, he once cooked for 20+ people, but he never gets portions right. There were a stack of lemons hanging out in our kitchen for a while before he made lemon pie. Most of the lemons went bad. He is kind of a nutball. Case in point: Halloween. My only memory of him on Halloween night is watching him in his Princess Leia costume get carried off by a midget.

James is probably going to be my companion for the semester. He is the only one around during the day and his class schedule is similar to mine. We have already spent two lunches together. James is quite particular about how he does things. He has developed a system for everything, logically organized his space. He has been waking up early so far, he is still on Turkey time and it’s odd to hear that he has already worked out, eaten, and done laundry by the time I get up. He is generally very feline in his mannerisms, although he would deny it—he hates cats. One word to describe him is precision. His clothing, his gait, his work, his handwriting; everything about how he presents himself is a precise representation of how he perceives himself and how he wants others to perceive him. Despite this precision, he is lots of fun. Around his friends all of those presentations are diminished by who he actually is—snide, witty, sometimes clumsy, sometimes insecure, and very caring.