Saturday, December 12, 2009


We have ten days left here. It's hard to think of the paradoxical feeling of just getting here and being here forever.

It's Saturday night and this is the first Saturday we have not gone out because of work. This is crazy. I am trying to get all of my work done and be ready to leave. It's all so...surreal.

To sort of hold us over I have compiled a list of the characters we see around town:
1.Jesus: we call him Jesus because he looks like Jesus, if Jesus was creepy and always approached you, stuck out his hand and said, “tienes monedas para cenar? (change for dinner?).” He has taken a liking to asking Brad for change on a regular basis. Brad has never said yes so I think he just gets a kick out of asking an American for money everyday. His little game.
2.Prayer guy: my favorite homeless guy. He just kneelson a street corner, bows his head very low and puts a change cup out. He remains absolutely still for a time. Doesn't bug anyone and is very nice. I tried to give him some bread one time but he doesn't have many teeth.
3.Embarazada: this chick is nuts. She walks up to you quite forcefully, it's kind of like she's charging at you, and with her whacked out eyes staring into your soul she says, “estoy embarazada, dame monedas (I am pregnant give me change).” She scared Claire so badly that Claire grabbed her purse, screamed, and jumped back. Embarazada hit me once. I don't like her.
4.DVD: She appears to be the only Asian that doesn't work in a Chino (Fruto Seco: kind of like a 7-11). She wanders into restaurants and bars asking if you want to buy an obviously bootlegged DVD. I don't get her. It was really weird the one time we all saw her dressed up and ready to go out on the town. Apparently, her day job has set hours and she makes enough of a wage that she can go out sometimes.
5.The deaf people: often people come up to us with a bag full of little glowing balls, put a ball on our table with a little note, and leave for a couple minutes. The note says that they are deaf and that the balls help them make a living. I can't imagine the type of living one could make off selling shit pieces of plastic and pretending to be deaf. I guess it works for the tourists.
6.Desempleados: unemployed people often come onto the train, and place packets of Kleenex on our chairs with a note describing their hardships. I have become such an indifferent asshole. I ignore them. And they usually smell awful too. Wow. I just passed judgment on a jobless man that is trying to sell kleenex on a train.
7.The armless man: this guy is a skinny fellow with no arms. He walks up and down the train chanting, “moooonnneeeeeeddaaaaaaasss, moooonnneeeeeeddaaaaaaasss” and shaking the cup of change that he holds in his mouth. It's loud, it's tragic, it's really hard not to laugh sometimes.
And that's life in Alcala. Come visit, there are some great people to meet.