Saturday, December 5, 2009


Jarrod and I arrived at the airport, excited but more than a little disorganized. It was funny, he and I have come to rely on the girls so much for getting us around. I guess that they really do make sure we get to where we are going. Or maybe it's just that we have travelled in larger groups mostly and cumulatively we have all the information we need. Or maybe it's that Jarrod is a bit neurotic, and that makes me think of all the things I don't know.

Whatever. I am excited for Morocco.

Nice man at hotel. Awesome hotel. Taxi driver. Toothless guide. Cats. Terrace dinner. Group culture. Culture shock. Romantic weekend. Hotel to ourselves.

We got in and the airport was small. Way small. It was a big tarmac and a little tiny tiny building. Like a warehouse with a sign small. There is a certain amount of distrust with us Americans and the reputation of Morocco. Understandably, Jarrod and I try to speak Spanish to throw them off. Although I can't imagine them being too thrown off given we are a tall white guy and a half-asian.

We found a cab driver and he showed us around. He was very nice and spoke in a heavy accent about the city and its character. Fes is the city of fountains btw. We were guided to our hotel by a toothless man that spoke no English or Spanish, but was very nice. He led us down some dark alleys, and we kind of freaked out. But he brought us to our very lovely hotel destination where we were greeted by an extremely nice host. He gave us tea, showed us our accomodations, and showed us good restaurants to eat at. We ate dinner at the top of a tower. It was very good. We went back down the windy roads that kind of smelled funny and wandered into our hotel. We had the whole hotel to ourselves. We joked that it was a romantic getaway. Given that we were the only people in that (very nice) hotel, it kind of was like that.

I did experience culture shock though. Everything. Just like you'd imagine, but nothing you've ever experienced. Jarrod and I keep reminding's Africa. A little thing is two women carrying one bag. I thought it was just a heavy thing, but then I saw other women doing it, and even little girls. Group culture. It's interesting the little mannerisms we pass on to our children.

There are lots of cats here.