Friday, December 18, 2009

Abbey Road: Track 16

Done bitches!

That was a week of cramming so hard. Like harder than diamonds hard. I am thoroughly underwhelmed by the release I feel though. It was so much build-up and ultimately the climax was boring and i'm pretty sure I really didn't accomplish as much as I had hoped. Oh well.

Spain is coming to an end, Bobby already left because of the British Airways strike (and all of the Boston kids had to spend about a thousand dollars more for new flights)...btw, the strike just got canceled so that's $1000 bucks we'll never see again. Yay for European socialization and it's inability to have a successful capitalist model that includes both profitability for their airlines and living wages. At least it's not France whose motto appears to be “Strike, riot, or revolution.”

so yeah, Vere is leaving tonight and we're gonna go out and I have to get all my extra packing and stuff done and I would really like to coordinate my plans and AGH!!!!! exhausted? No just getting ready to go.

And what about Jacob? Yeah he was totally here and visited and we kind of had fun. More like he watched me study and got to see only bits and pieces of the city. Too bad, I really wanted to be more of a host. He is an independent kid I just wish I got to be a better host.

And I met a couple of Skidmore kids. Wow.

Wrap up, wind up, more action, more fun, more, more, more.