Monday, December 7, 2009

17 days left

Breakfast. Ruins. View. Borj-Nord. Gate. Bargaining. Cafe Clock. Leaving. Taxi. No taxes. Security. Flight. Kebabs. Home.

The hotel has a lovely breakfast. The company of English speakers only serves to make it much better. Seriously, Dar El-Hana, if you ever go to Fes, that is the place to stay.

After breakfast we went off to see the town. Jarrod and I climbed to the top of the hill where ruins of old walls and buildings stood monolithically looking out upon the town. Fes is a haze. Just densely packed buildings and minarets poking above the skyline. The second call to prayer signalled our departure from the top of the hill. One last look at the view. We descended to the Borj-Nord Arms Museum. It is a quiet site on a hill, a fortress full of guns and cannons. It's a difficult juxtaposition; articles of war, elements that tear apart bodies, lives, civilizations, situated on a silent hill, surrounded by a garden, Guns that quietly look out over Fes.

Back at the Blue Gate, a welcome sight in a foreign land. Lunch at cafe clock, a tourist haven, Western and African fusion food. We leave. The taxi ride was scary as hell. Almost got in 3 car wrecks. Yay for no rules.

Pretty sure the guy wasn't a real taxi. He dropped us off outside the airport and made us walk. Because he didn't want to pay taxes.

I think airports are just inefficient. It took us an hour to move around 30 ft through security. That's the length of the airport. It was kind of ridiculous.

Don't remember the flight. Ate kebabs. Ana has a nativity up (Belin).