Thursday, November 19, 2009


Wine tasting. Chimpy. Wine taking. Wine drinking. Lavapies. Wine opening. Wine and buho.

Verena's boyfriend Chimpy (real name Guillermo, but we like pet names) came into town and while Vere was in class we showed him around the city a bit. He is very nice and a little shy, kind of funny. That was fun.

The wine tasting (mandatory conference) was more fun. Yeah, I said it. Mandatory wine tasting. Yes! Everyone got a little tipsy tasting wine and learned about sniffing it all. So much fun. That went way late so instead of drinking a bottle there, we took a few for the road.

Got dinner in Lavapies, a neighborhood with a lot of cultural diversity, so much that we ate indian food in Spain. That is a more than rare occurrence. Drank more wine at dinner. Lots of wine. It was late by that time and so we tried to catch the buhos home. Missed the 1 o'clock by two mins, and had to wait for the 2 o'clock. That meant we obviously had to open the bottles we had and share it with our new italian friends at the station. But we didn't have a corkscrew.

Hmm...que triste.

Or not. If you are ever in this situation, do this. Take off shoe. Put bottle in shoe, against the heel. Proceed to bash heel of shoe with bottle in it against a wall. The cork will start to slide out. It takes a lot of effort but there is a point where you can just pull the cork off. Do so. Enjoy wine. “it is a universal drink and past-time,” said the lady doing the conference.

Europe is teaching me all sorts of things.