Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week Nine

Week 9 in ten-ish sentences and a parting shot:

1.Gossip: bad to do, bad to be part of, cathartic, and relaxing—and necessary
2.Studying government in Versus: the good, the bad, the unprepared
3.Sab: nice to see people from Skidmore and show people around; especially nice to see other people period.
4.English counting in kickboxing: thanks Jorge
5.3 am cards: welcome back Continental Cafe
6.5 am Ana: drinking hard alcohol and talking about clubs is fun with 60+ year-olds.
7.Reina Sofia: still awesome, I would do that forever.
8.Anwar: always great to see him speaking his Spanish
9.Ameen & Brandon: thanks for the botellón it was fun.
10.La Comedia: situational irony (I think) in finding the humor in looking for the club that is ultimately closed.
11.Buho hopping: because it was cold and the streets smelled like urine; at least we saw a ton of the city.

Crashing on the couches in Madrid, during a break