Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week Eight

Week 8 in ten-ish sentences and a parting shot:

1.Alicia and her hospitality, it was so nice to have you host us for those five days, and your costume was bad ass.
2.Ireland: I was there, I saw the rolling green hills, the quaint little villas, the sheep, the ocean, and the awesome.
3.Dublin and Galway. Hip and Irish and full of things that I barely scratched the surface on: trinity college, guinness factory, spanish arch, etc.
4.Fish 'n chips and Guinness. Great when you get them right in the homeland.
5.Halloween pre-parties: the Irish celebrate it all for almost a full week; they really get the most out of their costumes.
6.Verena's birthday aka nights 1-2 in Ireland.
7.Halloween aka nights 2-3 in Ireland.
8.Claire's birthday aka nights 3-4 in Ireland.
9.Bilingual shenanigans; let's us have secrets, also helps us deceive people (in a fun way of course).
10.Great Djs and live music.
11.The bitch at RyanAir; coats are carryons and midol works better than making people's lives miserable.

The clouds part on a street in Galway