Friday, November 27, 2009

Top ten weeks 10 and 11

Top 20 for weeks 10 and 11 with parting shots. Sorry for the belated nature but whatever.

1.Paris: a beautiful city. So well planned, a regional planner's wet dream.
2.Government tests: thought I did well, but I guess not.
3.Country hopping: one backpack and the will to go and I find myself someplace else.
4.The mona lisa: and any other famous things I saw in Paris for that matter.
5.Missing flights: sometimes sleeping in happens, welcome to college abroad.
6.The Eiffel Tower: the phallus of Paris entrances the world, and me.
7.New friends: I love meeting new people and learning all about them.
8.Old friends: I love catching up with my friends and picking up right where we left off.
9.Walking. Way too much of it in Paris, my legs were shaking by the end.
10.Home: spain is home, a language I understand, a culture I get, and weather I love.

The Eiffel Tower at Night

11.Mandatory wine-tasting for my program: my parents are paying good money to get me drunk.
12.Bottle openers: a little ingenuity, a shoe, and a wall can get us whatever we want.
13.Lavapies: culture, diversity, and ethnicity in Madrid? You better believe it.
14.Liz, Max, and Sam: nice to see home and just pick up right where we left off.
15.Brenna: her generosity and kindness always impresses me. Not to mention her taste in music.
16.Wandering around London. Buckminster, Gherkin, and the Eye.
17.Rain and Tea: london has plenty of it.
18.Awkward Brits: makes me feel good about myself, and happy that Spain does not have a word for it.
19.Running to my plane and getting on last. Yay for London's shitty public transportation (I think Spain is spoiling me).
20.Home: Spain is warm and dry.

Parliament and the River Thames at Night