Sunday, November 15, 2009

That's a French-Ass place

Flights. Anwar. Claire missed. Walking. French places: eiffel tower, sacre coeur, opera, paris. Helpless. Kid asks for time. Dinner. Crepes. Wine.

Got up early and got going. Too bad Claire didn't. Alex and I made it to our flight on time, ahead of time because it got delayed, and Claire—she slept until a half hour after the flight had left. It was kind of a bad scene. The good news for the sleepy head was that she got another flight and got in later than expected but got there anyway.

There, by the way, was Paris. I really wasn't expecting to go see it but it is definitely beautiful. Took a flight with Anwar. Hung out with him a bit. Until he caught up with his friend Nikki in the metro. Thus began the metro hopping and a lot of walking. Got off the metro, met up with James (Skidmore, asian, one of my best friends in college) and checked into the hostel. The good news is that traveling with a “local” makes life a lot easier. He is fluent and easily helps us navigate the most simple of tasks (ordering food).

We saw the Sacre Coeur (highest point in Paris), Opera, Eiffel Tower (saw a crazy techno lights show there too). On the way to Opera, a kid (the kids are ridiculously cute in France btw) asked me something, but I couldn't understand him. It's weird how helpless I felt. I am used to being able to understand the people where I go and in France I truly feel like a foreigner. That's ok though, in Spain I ain't no tourist.

Got dinner with Anwar and Nikki by the statue of Saint-Michel. It was nice but expensive. Paris seems to be that way. Ate crepes, so cool. Split up with them, re-met with James and went to the Eiffel Tower. Everybody is selling crap there. Couldn't go up, it was too late, but we saw the techno show and James pointed out all the buildings in the area. Got some wine in a cafe and called it a chill night. Alex and I returned to the hostel to find our two room mates fast asleep (both girls, unlike our guesses of two guys, we suck at that game). Day one in Paris.