Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks everyone


my favorite holiday. Dunno why though. I never spend it with all my favorite people, something weird always happens, and it revolves around one meal. Not sure.

This one was probably the biggest thanksgiving I will ever have. Easily 100 individuals at this venue, all of us in a country that didn't celebrate the occasion at all. But still fun as hell.

Ana came to thanksgiving with me. She is so much fun. And she insisted on drinking far too much wine. Hahaha. Mi madre got my whole table drunk. She also insisted upon us taking a bottle home. Jaime did and we drank it on the train.

It's that thanksgiving is so surreally fun and funny to me. I loved the whole thing. On a day where we give thanks is so fundamentally in agreement with my being I guess.

Anyways, we went to a giant venue in Madrid, were loud rowdy and hungry. Then we weren't and we went to Conti to just hang out and play cards. It was a rainy day. It smelled like fall, something so very rare here. I couldn't stop smiling yesterday.

Fun facts:
George Washington started thanksgiving by declaring a national holiday to give thanks. But it was inconsistent and not always in fall. It wasn't until Lincoln that the last thursday in November was declared the official thanksgiving. FDR later officially declared it a non-secular holiday to take place on the 4th thursday of November, meaning sometimes it is the second to last thursday in November, as there can be 5 thursdays in November sometimes.