Sunday, November 15, 2009

South of France

Wander home. Early morning. Lots of travel. Ana.

Alex and I slept three hours. Ugh. Not important. After wandering home with Becca and James. We took our well used legs and put them up. We have walked so much in the last couple days, my legs are extremely sore. I feel like I didn't even stop exercising to visit Paris. With crepes in our bellies, we slept for a very restless three hours, dragged our asses out of bed and headed home.

Paris was pretty but home, Spain, is a much warmer concept. Literally and figuratively. Paris is rain and cold. Madrid is warm and partly cloudy. Claire missed the bus, and had to take a cab. A really shitty cab ride later and we were all together in the Beavais Airport. It was weird this weekend, we are so used to traveling together that everytime Claire split up from Alex and I, it felt like something was wrong. Claire even started to go with us one time because it's just how we've been doing things.

Slept through the flight. Made it home. But I couldn't get in. Ana had left the keys in the door so I couldn't open it. But Ana was asleep with a hangover. So I asked Dani to let me in, which he so kindly did. It's nice to be able to communicate a need and get it answered by a friendly Spaniard, I missed the language and it was only two days.

Paris is cool because it's never hard to come up with good ideas for a date.

Rested, because that's what I needed to do.