Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sin Estilo

Reina Sofia. Ameen. Dinner. Brandon. Anwar. Buhos. Traveling. La Comedia. Buhos. Public Urination. Home.

Went back to the Reina Sofia. This time with Ameen (from Reno) and Jarrod (Tufts kid). I love it when my friends meet each other. We saw a bunch of really cool artwork, and Guernica again, which is still amazing everytime. There is some really cool stuff in that museum and I just regret that I haven't been able to see it all.

Grabbed dinner with everyone at a sushi place near chueca. Lesson: sushi is expensive and bad in Madrid. But we had fun anyway. Brandon (Reno) and Anwar (Reno) joined us for dinner and we then proceeded to make a plan for the night. I went with Anwar, Brandon, and Ameen and we hung out at Ameen and Brandon's apartment until 2-ish when we caught the buhos to Cibeles. While waiting for the Tufts and Skidmore kids to make it back into the city we wandered around Sol and got chocolate con churros at the “world famous” place. It's just marginal but because it's just about the only thing open at that hour I'm sure there are many very drunken people that give it a much higher rating than it is worth.

Played soccer with cans in the streets. Met up with T&S and proceeded to spend an hour looking for a place called La Comedia. The problem is that the place was closed when we got there. I suppose that was the comedy in the situation; dunno if it counts as irony though...Split up with Verena, Claire, and Alex. They wanted to go out of town to a friend's house. Which I'm not normally against but I do so love being in the city and not spending money. And it was like 4 in the morning, so it's not like there was a massive amount of fun to be had. Climbed a statue. It happens. Hurt my wrist, hopefully it is fine.

Rode the buhos to a place in Madrid i've never been. Just to stay warm. Suitcase in a stairwell. Rode them back got home at 7. in between there was too much public urination. Mostly on the part of the very many MadrileƱos walking around the city at those hours. The city does not sleep. It was so crowded even at five. Phone was dead the whole time.

I'm an idiot.