Sunday, November 22, 2009

Running the Show

Rise and shine. Waiting for station. Taxi: Spanish, Waterloo. Bus. Liverpool. Security woman. Sprinting.

Traveling seems to be as much a part of visiting as the destination. 4:45 wake up. Taxi to train station. Station was closed. THE UNDERGROUND SUCKS. I just want to say that the schedule posted online was not the schedule that I ever ended up using. The trains never opened as posted on the site. The underground does not open up at five thirty as purported by everyone I ever talked to. I waited in the cold to realize I was late to get from Richmond to Stansted airport. That's not funny.

Had to take a taxi to Waterloo to try to see if the underground was open there. It wasn't. But the cab driver actually lived near Alicante and worked part time as a driver in London. Interesting conversation. But not the important part. The important part was that Waterloo was not going to be my Waterloo. I'd like to thank the man at information for showing me how to get to Liverpool station. The buses. Which actually seem to be the better working network except the only bus I needed had a huge sign posted that the workers were on strike. Luckily, they seemed to have worked the issue out because there was a bus running and it got me to the Stansted express. Every pound used to get me to the airport. I am not a fan.

Two Irish women spoke in Irish on the train. One reminded me of my mom. I miss her. Ran through security. Practically got in a yelling match with a security woman, but mediation skills come in handy sometimes and the line that let me cut them was very sympathetic to my situation. She came off as the bitch and I sprinted to the gate. Getting home is never an ordeal once I am in Spain. I love Spain. Dry, warm, uncomplicated, and life moves at my pace. Beautiful day, but I wouldn't know; I was asleep.

Sorry no top ten for last week, I will do a double this week. Promise.