Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Moon is an Abomination

Cut-outs. New Moon. Bad. Buhos. Alcala.

The plaza de Espana is a beautiful little plaza with an awesome statue of Don Quijote. The plaza is also lit up right now. It looks so Christmas-y.

We went into Madrid to see New Moon. I will get to that in a second.

But first we ate some dinner, had some Starbucks, and posed in some cardboard cut-outs, it was fun and funny, a nice bit of—wholesome--fun before the vampire flick. We even sang “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.”

but yeah...New Moon is awful. It's 2:20 minutes of bad-acting that was supposed to be brooding and emotional pain. Too bad it was just screaming and making bad eye-contact that was supposed to be meaningful. I couldn't stop laughing during some parts because they were so awful. I find it weird too that nobody freaks out about the fact that there are a bunch of shirtless guys running around all the time. Granted they are buff and hot but wouldn't it freak you out the least bit to always see some tan dude running around the woods by your house? Oh, and they never resolve the plot hole where the werewolves go from a bad influence to a good group of guys. Not that that is the biggest plot-hole.

I mean, there literally was no plot to the story. No discernible story-arc. And the worst part is that the main character isn't a strong female protagonist, just some dumb bitch that keeps getting herself into trouble. And her pain at not being able to live alone. Stupidest shit.

Oh, and Kristen Stewart almost bites her lip countless times, and actually does it 8 times that I counted. And she falls and hits her head, possibly a concussion, but all Jacob does, even after she shows signs of being delirious, is take off his damn shirt and wipe off the blood. Great friend that one. Smart too.

Honestly, I was embarrassed to walk out of that theater. I felt dirty.

Either way we ran to the buhos and caught the 1:00 thank god. We were in Alcala by 1:40 and caught up with Brad and Lindsay. Hung out till 3:00 and called it a night. It was fun. I'd call the whole experience good if not odd. I definitely need to be in another state of mind to watch anymore of that Twilight shit because it was too ridiculous for anything less than a hazy memory of it.