Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Inside Old Amongst the Unfamiliar

London downtown. Rain/Jesus. Dinner strada. Sam and Max. Waxy's. Liz's. 90's pop music & bros. Generosity. Sleep. Perspectives of me.

Brits are awkward. Walking to the train station and they sounded so very awkward. They can't dance either. It's odd coming to a country where the concept exists after being in one where Awkward distinctly doesn't.

Got up and went downtown alone. Got to do things at my own pace. Made my way on foot from Westminster to London Tower. It was great. There are so many people in those areas. I got cornered by a con artist asking for money for the children. I'm American not stupid. The London Eye is big btw. And it's cool how they made it. There are only wires between the center and the edge of the wheel. It stays because of the tension of the wires. There isn't actually anything stiff holding the wheel to the center, only gravity. London is full of old/new in a very odd way. Nothing like the other cities I have been in. Lots of tradition and capitalism.

Loved the battle of Brittain memorial. Very well done. London on the Thames has tinges of Portland, Oregon. Or is it the other way around. Returned to the eye. Rain drops falling down. Waiting to meet Brenna. And an Indian immigrant is yelling to me about Jesus's love, and how he died for my sins but he didn't say anything of substance. I don't listen to people that don't provide me with substance. Empty words have no space in my life.

Ate at the Strada with Brenna. It was a nice little touristy Italian place. Got some tea, but the waiter sucked. Dinner was nice though.

Went to meet Sam (Reno, Embry-Riddle, visiting for Thanksgiving) and Max (Reno, studying for the semester in London). Went to Piccadilly Circus and ate there. Got to catch up with them. Went to Waxy's. A cool pub. Extremely busy, bad DJ. Went back to Liz's.

Hung out some in her room and listened to 90's pop while the bros kept walking in and out. It was fun, but I had to go. Everyone is so generous. Especially Brenna. I am so happy to have such kind and loving friends.

They know me so differently, my high school friends. I dunno. I feel so much less cool around them. But that's fine, they like me for some reason obviously. And they know things no one else does. And they saw me before I was me, and they still accept me.