Monday, November 2, 2009

The Land of Ire

Flights. Dublin. Fish n chips. Weather. Train. English. Spanish. Galway. People. Rabbits. Turtles. Halloween. Rain. Glass.

I had to go outside. The scene was getting too bizarre. I had just witnessed an extremely inebriated shirtless rabbit pour himself a bowl of cereal. As he sat there and stared at the tv screen in his now very dirty costume, I looked over at the unintentionally scary mask that was flopped on the couch next to me. I couldn't take it anymore. Inside was too weird; the rabbit (one of four mind you) had stumbled around the kitchen as the rest of the housemates took the time to yell at one another (in quite unintelligible Irish accents) over problems of the pussy (it's unwanted existence as well as it's lack of existence).

Knock knock. Claire was at the window with her friend Alicia. I had gone back inside because outside was too much—now I had to escape in the reverse. I had left them with two Chippendale's dancers and a geek. Like almost everywhere we went, we had found someone with a mutual friend. The geek knew someone that went to Skidmore. I didn't know him and the conversation had drifted around the midwest football culture and people I had only heard of; thus I journeyed my way back inside.

I went to the window and accidentally kicked down a glass. “don't worry, happens all the time, just shove it under something.” Alex, quite graciously followed those direcctions and swept the shards under the refrigerator.

“Where are you guys?” Claire asked me.

“Coming outside.” I replied. This time, when I made my way outside, there was a whole new set of people, and this time it was legitimately surreal. As the sky cautiously squeezed out little drips of mist, an Irishman in a Titans costume yelled lines from the movie and did push-ups; in the meantime, a very bloody surgeon hit on Verena by trying to learn Spanish through her—needless to say she had a fun time giving him very bad translations—and Alex luckily had found herself a cute little Irishman that wasn't dressed in something bloody, torn, or sports related.

All good things must come to an end though, and we left the scene of an impending massacre to Alicia's apartment. It was bed time. But that never quite happens the way we want it to. No matter, after getting Alex and Verena comfy cozy across the street we finally retired to Alicia's apartment. But the place wasn't empty. We entered the living room to find Tom Cruise from Top Gun, a tiger, a turtle, and a french mistress trying to cook chicken. Well, if it was cooking time we weren't about to be outdone. So sandwiches were prepared for Alicia, Claire, and Me. They were delicious.

And the conversation with the turtle and Goose wasn't bad either. Until they drank the last of the Absolut Mango and tried to keep us from actually sleeping.

And so the Halloween pre-party had concluded. And well, it was Verena's birthday, and a great way to start out my travels through Ireland. We started the day in Dublin. Great little city, a bit gray but very Irish. And after a delicious bit of Fish 'n Chips, we hopped on a train for Galway. Being bilingual means that we can have secrets in any country now. Awesome.

More later.