Sunday, November 29, 2009


Botellon train station. Sol. Vere's friends/cousins. Kapital. Ameen and Jessie. Alex and Luigi. Drunk guy. Sleepy.

Piper (Skidmore, short, Claire's friend) came into town this weekend. She wanted the Spanish experience. I can't imagine a more Spanish night other than public urination and graffiti. We started by botellon-ing in the plaza. Botellon is to drink publicly here, it's illegal, but much cheaper than buying liquor in an actual bar.

So that And then we hopped on the train to Madrid. Our intention was to go to Limon, a club, but when we got to Sol (metro stop) plans changed.

Vere met up with one of her cousins and a friend? I dunno, I really should have checked. And we saw protestors by the christmas tree in Sol. It was cold. Some guy gave us discount cards to Kapital (7 stories of club) and we rapidly changed our plans to visiting the most popular club in all of Madrid.

In line to Kapital I ran into Ameen and his girlfriend Jessie (she was visiting from Italy). Cool. Once we got inside, the place is kind of nuts. It's 7 stories of club, with a main dance floor, a salsa dance floor, and several lounges. We went out onto the main dance floor and quickly got separated in the tightly packed crowd. I honestly have never been so crowded in my life. It was all fun though, and Alex found herself a couple of guys, one of which was named Luigi. She was really funny about the whole thing. There was a moment when she was just done with him. She dropped it like it was hot, good for her.

By 5:00 am we were ti-ti (tired in drunk Alex vocab) and we headed to the train station. On our way we picked up a fat stumbling guy somehow. He was very focused on each step, laboriously counting one foot after the other. He walked right up behind us and tried to keep up with us. Then he walked ahead of us. Then he walked in the opposite direction as us. Poor guy didn't know what the hell he was doing. At the train station we caught the 5:30 train and were all in bed by 6:30 which is great news because those nights can go way long.

Btw, everyone was smashed for some reason. Not me, perhaps my liver is made of fat.