Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Haz Paz: Cambie por lo mejor

Holocaust. Growing up. The weight of the world. Personal growth.

I walked home with Claire tonight and we got into a discussion of the Holocaust. That was more than an unacceptable time in the history of man. And it isn't an exception. We live in a world—we being us middle-class white-bred Americans—that is relatively peaceful yet we still find reasons to hurt people. Shouldn't the goal be to take what peace we have and extend it to everyone we can? Shouldn't we do that in a way that is peaceful.

Today in gov we learned about the underlying concepts of a dynamic democratic constitution. The reason a constitution is amendable is because the land, the laws, the constitution belong to the current generation. But I think that's crap. The constitution should belong to future generations. The land, the water, and everything about a country should belong to the future. And we should make and support laws according to that doctrine. The current generation (whoever they might be) has a very nasty propensity to consume a country's resources when the mentality that it is theirs exists. If we treat things for the next generation then we could see real progress.

So I had a test today in Arte. Some of those paintings were amazing. The test wasn't bad but I'd rather have not taken it in the first place.

Einstein came up with the theory of relatvity when he was watching a train pass by. On the train tonight I came up with my own theory of personal relativity. First, many people “change” during their abroad time, but is the perceived change real or something else. I maintain that it could very well be something else. People change, no doubt about it, but does abroad “change” them significantly more or faster? Perhaps, but ultimately it is impossible to tell. Why? Because the viewer has changed, the intervening period of time has colored memories, and many other factors make change unquantifiable. Basically, in a universe where change is represented as dots on a plane, all of the dots are moving, and the plane is rotating, a reference point of quantifiable change is impossible.

Yeah, that's the deal.