Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Grapevine

Gossip is bad. Just letting you all know that. But the program is getting too small very suddenly. I think everyone is up in everyone else's business without regard to understanding all elements and motivations. Granted, there are unjustifiable actions, but people are people and sometimes they aren't assholes or bitches, they are just doing stupid or ridiculous things because they are people and that's what people do.

I wish I could spill it all. Suffice it to say that there is good, bad, and stupid going on in the program. And I am quite disenfranchised. Just wish people could be their best sometimes.

The good news is that nothing affects me. Take that inevitability.

Anyway. Today is the dia muy largo. I couldn't stay in the city to hang with Reno kids, although now I think I should have. I need a break from the drama. I'm not involved but it reaches me.

I suppose it was fun to straight up gossip for once, but it's hard not to just let loose on everyone. And there is plenty to say.

Sorry, I'm going to end this post because I can't decide what to say, what I can say, what my mood is, what's important, what my opinions are, and what to do.

I guess this is part of abroad. Love Spain. Keep the people away for a bit.