Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fabulous Life and Death of Anti-Socrates

Flew in. Richmond. Lunch with Liz. Death. Went out. Lamborghinis. Hanging w/ Liz. The Bull: Beatles and Rolling Stones. Norman. Brenna's different Experience.

Flew in to London Luton. It is not close to London. If you have a mid-day flight it is fine, but you can fully add another hour to your travels because of how far out it is. That's what I like about Madrid, one airport for all the airlines whether they are obscure or not, with great transportation to and from the airport.

Met up with Brenna (year younger than me, studying in London, blonde, from Reno) and we set up at her place and I got comfy and met her flatmates. They had been partying at The Bull, Brenna's scene. I guess the Bull was where the Rolling Stones first played, and where the Beatles discovered the Rolling Stones and told a manager to sign them on. Cool.

Slept. Woke up and met Liz (blonde, Marist, one semester in London, from Reno). We hung out and caught up a bit. The big news was the accidental death of one of the people on her program. Apparently he was visiting Rome, leaned over a wall to take a photo, and the weight of his backpack threw him over and made him fall forty feet to his death. That's not supposed to happen. To anyone. It's not supposed to happen to young men trying to explore the world to find their place and how they can help. I guess he wanted to do aid work in Uganda. Literally help the children.

It's sad. Even if all the problems caused by man stopped tomorrow, we'd still have senseless accidents like that.

But lunch was good. Brenna and I returned to her flat to freshen up and I dug into some of her globalization readings as well as a comic called Preacher. It was pretty good. Read it.

Then we went to South Kensington to meet Liz at her flat. It is a dormlike situation in one of the nicer neighborhoods of London. I couldn't believe how nice it was. There is a Lamborghini dealership in close proximity to give you a feeling. Met Liz's friends on her program. Her girlfriends were nice, and so were the guys, but honestly they were more than a little bro-ish. Well, more like a parody of bros. It was a new level of it.

Went back to Richmond and went to The Bull. Met Brenna's 6' 6” British DJ boyfriend Norman. He was very nice. Brenna was pretty drunk by the time we got home. Her and I started reminiscing in a far too loud manner and I think Norman was a little overwhelmed. It was nice though. It's always funny to listen to stories you don't remember from perspectives you have never heard.

And I realized that Brenna's experience is far different. She is there for all four years. She is a resident as much as any other Brit and the kids abroad are juniors in the golden light of a semester abroad. I think we need some of both to maximize our lives. A bit of honeymoon, a bit of bland, a bit of cold, a bit of warm, a bit too much every now and then.