Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad Math and Mondays


Yay mondays. We did nothing. Celebrated Kara's b-day at the casa de pollo. Went to conti and studied. Typical day. Nothing exciting. And after all the excitement I have been having perhaps that's ok.

We'll find out.

Here's to tuesday:

Recently we have been quite bad at math. Jarrod (Tufts, tall, neurotic) was looking at the wine left between the 6 of us and calculated 2 liters to be about a liter per person...he actually meant to say ½ liter per person, but that's still wrong.
Alex (Skidmore) was trying to calculate a 10% discount off of a 15 euro item and convinced Claire and Verena the price would be 10 euros. Yeah, that was wrong too.
Lesson: don't let Poli-Sci majors do your math.