Monday, November 2, 2009

And the days go by

Galway. Birthday. Big snack lunch. Scones. Pub. Live music. Card games. Fortune telling.

Train. Lunch. Bus. Shit happens. Plane.

Galway is a beautiful coastal city. It has tons of stone houses and cutely painted buildings. The weather has been gray here so far, but every time the sun peaks its head out, the colors of everywhere become brilliant and make the city exceedingly picturesque.

Today was Claire's birthday, so we did what the birthday girl wanted all day. Which turned into a crepe lunch/dinner and more wandering around the city. Afterwards we got scones and enjoyed a quiet saturday evening inside.

But that doesn't work for all night. We went to a pub. Grabbed some shots (kahlua topped with baileys called a mini-guinness and it is delicious) and some pints, sat and listened to live music. I love live music. A band playing covers in a bar is one of the coolest things...ever. Better than batman riding a unicorn with king arthur's sword in his hand shooting lightning out of it.

Sorry, that was random.

But because all places in Ireland close early, we were back at the apartment by midnight thirty and playing a game that Verena showed us called Continental. I was not very good at that. Or Gin. But I liked just hanging and talking.

When we were done I did my love fortune card trick(? Dunno it's not really a trick but it's not magic) and had a lot of fun with that. 4:30 am rapidly approached, and we had to grab some sleep.

So we got our asses down to the train station and played more cards as the rolling green hills, the stone walls, the quaint little towns, the farm animals, and Ireland passed before us. We arrived in Dublin with just enough time for lunch. No Guinness factory but my turkey and stuffing sandwich was really tasty.

Once we arrived in the airport we did the whole kit'n kaboodle pretty uneventfully. Until Uber-bitch at the Ryanair check in station showed up. She strictly enforced the 1 carryon limitation on Claire. So strictly that Claire had 0 carryons by the time she hopped on the plane. And then I realized how much shit happens to Claire. Verena, Alex, and I have almost no problems, but Claire always gets them. Her internet, her computer, her phone, her tickets, her carryons, and everything else that has gone down. Wonder why all that is.

Everything else was fine though. Flew home and now I'm here.

Special shout out to Alicia, bad ass for letting us stay at her house and for being so welcoming and generous.